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A critical night for Bernie

If ever there was a night for Bernie Sanders to shine it is tonight. This is the debate he has always wanted: one tailored to the issues. Without the food fights. Without the noise. Without the cheerleading crowds in attendance.

Now he has the debate. One on one.

Bernie Sanders will debate Joe Biden later. The delegate count will mean little when the issues are at stake. Hopefully the moderators will stay focused (for once) on issue-oriented questions, not attacks and Fox News right-wing GOP talking points.

The coronavirus situation will dominate tonight’s debate. Bernie Sanders will be helped by his Medicare For All plan which would appear to be a ready-made solution to addressing the pandemic. Joe Biden will be helped by his “we need to heal” and have “a steady hand” mantra, which appeals to calming a fearful American public.

Since Americans are panicked (in no small part because of the corporate news media reporting conflicting advice) Biden would seem to have an advantage. Though Biden, who has also won numerous states (15 of the last 20 or so) in the Democratic primaries has shown himself to be a poor debater.

We shall see what happens soon.


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