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Bernie Rolls Biden In DC

March 16, 2020 Last night Bernie Sanders scored a decisive victory over Joe Biden at the 11th Democratic presidential primary debate, before a no-audience studio in Washington D.C. Sanders, trailing Biden in the delegate count prior to Tuesday’s critical quartet of state primaries in Florida, Arizona, Illinois and Ohio (the latter is now cancelled untilContinue reading “Bernie Rolls Biden In DC”

A critical night for Bernie

If ever there was a night for Bernie Sanders to shine it is tonight. This is the debate he has always wanted: one tailored to the issues. Without the food fights. Without the noise. Without the cheerleading crowds in attendance. Now he has the debate. One on one. Bernie Sanders will debate Joe Biden later.Continue reading “A critical night for Bernie”

It’s Super Tuesday! Vote!

To all residents of AL, AR, CA, CO, MA, ME, MN, NC, OK, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, American Samoa who can vote: Please make your way to the polls today! Vote. It is a momentous day across the United States. If you encounter any voting difficulties whatsoever please call 866-687-8683. This is a messageContinue reading “It’s Super Tuesday! Vote!”

Biden breaks his duck

March 1, 2020 Joe Biden roared to a stampeding 28-point victory in the South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday night, igniting a presidential campaign that had been on life support with three poor or distant finishes (Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada). The conventional wisdom, in the corporate news media pundit class and among Biden staffContinue reading “Biden breaks his duck”

A victory for democracy

Yesterday a Wisconsin appeals court reversed a ruling that allowed for the state to purge at least 209,000 people from the Wisconsin voter rolls. This wasn’t so much a victory for Democrats as it was a victory for democracy itself. Sad that the Associated Press framed it as a victory for Democrats because it goesContinue reading “A victory for democracy”

Don’t Delay! Vote Today!

The time to vote is right now. Super Tuesday is around the corner. And as Black History Month in the U.S. winds down (every day is Black History Day in America and globally) the HouseĀ of Representatives passed the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act this week, 410-4. The South Carolina primary is tomorrow. And it will likelyContinue reading “Don’t Delay! Vote Today!”

Welcome To Politicrat

Politics For All. I started this blog as an energizing and educating tool. Especially for the 2020 U.S. election. Hopefully you will find this of some use and benefit. Get out there and VOTE! –Omar Moore (Twitter: @thepopcornreel) THREE GOALS OF POLITICRAT: To report accurate information and FACTS To simplify and explain To educate andContinue reading “Welcome To Politicrat”