Midwin Charles, Rest In Power

The staggeringly sad news of the untimely and shockingly sudden passing of Midwin Charles, the civil rights attorney and television legal analyst and commentator, has not yet registered for me. I write this in a state of disbelief and disorientation.

Midwin Charles was only 47. Well respected, beloved and sought out for her valued contributions, Ms. Charles personified wisdom, expertise, energy and excellence in the legal profession. Her joy, enthusiasm, incisive analysis of legal issues and complex situations in legal cases, particularly criminal law litigation and trial strategy, was the aspect of her greatness that I enjoyed the most.

Ms. Charles had been well-liked. Her legal acumen was sharp and unmistakable. Charismatic, warm and honest, Midwin Charles told it to you straight, clear and true. I, like other a vast swath of avid television viewers, couldn’t wait to hear her commentary and analysis on some of the most pressing legal matters of the day.

It is not yet known how Midwin Charles passed but the news of her passing was such a jolt and shock to my system and to so many others. She will be sorely and terribly missed.

My deepest and most heartfelt condolences to her family on this most incomprehensible and devastating loss.

Rest in Power, Midwin Charles.

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(Photo at top: Midwin Charles, civil rights attorney, legal analyst and commentator. She passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday.)

Extended audio:

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