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Today Is OUR Moment Part 1

Do you remember exactly four years ago today?

If you voted for Hillary Clinton you may have long repressed that painful memory. Or, perhaps you can still smell it, four years later.

The fumigators have been working overtime at the place you see above these words to eradicate the swampy stench that metastasized into the gigantic, distressing scale of hatred, lies, criminality, separation, terrorism and death over these last four years, and particularly the last 11 months, including the last two weeks.

How could we forget how we felt on January 20, 2017? Or at any point of 2020?

For most of us, it was not a happy feeling.

Today at least, is our moment.


No one can take that away. Even the militarized presence that shrouds this historic inaugural day in the United States of America will take a back seat to the immense joys and glories of our hard work.

Today is our moment. Part one of our moment.

To all of you who made this happen, who voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who fundraised, who put your Biden-Harris sign in your window, who donated, who knocked on doors, who phoned voters, who got on social media and communicated to vote for Joe Biden, who held conversations, meetings on video conferencing platforms, talked to friends and family, your spouse, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, work colleague, complete stranger:


Take a deep bow. Have a drink. Or a non-alcoholic beverage.

Shout out, YES!

Cry tears of joy.

Let it all go.

Because while the hard work starts tomorrow…

…Today is OUR moment.

(…Part One.)

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