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Today Is OUR Moment Part 1

Do you remember exactly four years ago today? If you voted for Hillary Clinton you may have long repressed that painful memory. Or, perhaps you can still smell it, four years later. The fumigators have been working overtime at the place you see above these words to eradicate the swampy stench that metastasized into theContinue reading “Today Is OUR Moment Part 1”

The Death Cult Marches On

So what’ll it be, America? Let’s start the bidding shall we: 77,000? 160,000? 200,000? 300,000? Do I hear 500,000? One million dead people? How about ten million dead people from the racist man with the orange face over there? You know, the orange man who said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and stillContinue reading “The Death Cult Marches On”